10 July, 2020 - Danny Cozens Finite Edition 8 days remaining

July 10, 2020

Our first Finite Edition is nearly over and with 8 days currently remaining on the campaign we are happy to say it's looking like it will be a success. We understand this is the beginning of the road and things take time to evolve but happily, we have sold a good amount of t-shirts to cover our own costs and contribute towards Danny Cozens's chosen charity of Huntington's Disease Association. It's not over yet, there are still eight days remaining on the campaign, so please if you haven't already, take a look at his amazing images and support a fantastic photographer and his chosen charity. Danny has kindly spoken about the photos he took while in South East Asia and... Continue Reading →

19 June, 2020 - Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan owns Trump's insult through T-shirt choice

June 19, 2020

The mayor of San Juan is using fashion to make a statement to the world, and to President Donald Trump. In a recent video interview, Carmen Yulín Cruz wore a t-shirt in a fabulous act of owning the insult Trump had thrown at her previously. Donal Trump claimed the Democratic party told  Ms Yulín Cruz to be “nasty” to him. Cruz reacted to this comment by wearing a t-shirt with the beautifully blunt word 'nasty' written across it. Hitting back at the president, she told Univision while wearing the statement T-shirt: “What is really nasty is that anyone would turn their back on the Puerto Rican people. Mayor Cruz has repeatedly attacked the federal response to Hurricane Maria's devastation of the... Continue Reading →